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Our investigation license from PLRD (Police Licensing Regulatory Department) and our expertise enables us to investigate dubious cases and achieve breakthrough results.

On top of that, we are also equipped with the latest technology and gadgets to conduct surveillance and even look into special investigation cases.

Being result-oriented, there are many cases where we have produced evidence of fraud or intention to cheat, much to the satisfaction of our clients.

On the right is the excerpt from a newspaper article of the first ever insurance fraud cases in Singapore. Our private investigators proved that a worker was faking a medical illness to commit insurance fraud. He had claimed large sums of money and over 600 days of paid medical leave over the fake illness.

Case Published in the Lian He Zao Bao

Types Of Investigations We Conduct

Personal background checking
Matrimonial check
Commercial Investigation
Financial background checking
Personal conduct checking
Bride / Bridegroom background check
Due Diligence Checks
locate missing person
theft investigation
employee background check
insurance fraud investigation

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"This letter is penned to Acestes Pte Ltd for the excellent professional service rendered. Your meticulous effort to uncover substantial evidence has shown your valuable experience in business. ..I am satisfied that light can come through at the end of the tunnel, with your brilliant guide in place. I am sincerely appreciative deep down inside, and no amount of words can shown my gratitude. "

Ms W (Client)

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