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Focused on Inspiring Change

Corporate Social Responsibility is big at Acestes. We are constantly exploring ways to improve the lives of our fellow Singaporeans, our officers & their families through CSR programmes. In August 2019, we are the first and only security agency to become a member of the raiSE Family of Social Enterprises in recognition of the social impact our company has made in the community and society.

To extend our help to children from lower-income groups and long-term unemployed job seekers & their families, we have also partnered with charity organisations such as Teen Challenge, Boys Town, CARE, and non-profit organisation such as Sportif Youth. We aim to provide them with support through various means including provision of opportunities to pursue their passion in sports, education, job opportunities, and financial assistance.

Giving Back to the community Via Sports

Acestes believes in the power of youth development through sports and helping Singaporeans create sustainability in their livelihoods.

Here is a glimpse into our efforts over the years to cultivate the youth of Singapore

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Children's Wishing Well

SATA CommHealth

Sportif Youth

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